Not just Web3
More Secure and Flexible DAO Asset Management
The distributed multiparty signature protocol eliminates the concept of a single private key and replaces the traditional public-private key 1:1 correspondence with a public-private key 1:N technique. This algorithm requires the independent signatures of t correct messages from N private keys to pass. The TSS algorithm-based multi-chain support is completely decentralized, and its keys are machine-generated, avoiding human intervention and providing higher randomness. It enables decentralized and de-trusted asset management for DAO organizations and better risk avoidance. It also provides a more advanced solution for any enterprise asset management.
One-stop DAO community management platform
At Safff Wallet, every app and user can easily have multiple DAO groups of their own, and can be freely invited to join any group of interest; we also provide a multi-level private domain content publishing platform similar to Twitter, which not only supports capital verification into groups, but also provides a channel to cash in on knowledge while preventing malicious users and invalid information.
Diversified DAO organizational management tools
Safff integrates powerful and useful DAO management tools such as DAO wallet, contract tool, project launchpad, password bonus, voting tool, invoicing tool, paid advertisement, bulk transfer, etc. to help the community improve the efficiency of organizational management and thus enable rapid growth.