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Safff King
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30,000 USDT
Safff Angel
10,000 USDT


  1. Safff創世NFT全球首發總量360個,首發時間自2023年3月30日09:00 (UTC)至2023年4月20日09:00 (UTC)。
  2. Safff創世NFT為Safff生態全球第一份DID身份及收益證明。
  3. Safff創世NFT均有對應的Token數量,2023年第三季度開始線性釋放,釋放周期36個月,Token 發行總量 10 億枚。
  4. Safff創世NFT全球首發相關數據見下表:
  5. 創世 NFT 名稱 初始單價(USDT) 數量(個) 釋放代幣數量(枚) 線性釋放周期(月)
    精靈神使 100,000 10 1,400,000 36
    精靈大使 30,000 50 375,000 36
    精靈天使 10,000 300 100,000 36
  6. Safff創世NFT全球首發,僅限合規區域內了解並認可Safff生態的理性投資者參與。
  7. 投資有風險,一旦參與Safff 創世NFT首發,Safff DAO 將確認你是完全了解並認可。


  1. A投資者持有創世NFT,分享給B投資者,B投資者鑄造創世NFT,享受2%的鑄造優惠,A投資者實時獲得B投資者鑄造創世NFT3%的算力獎勵。
  2. A投資者未持有創世NFT,分享給B投資者,B投資者鑄造創世NFT,B投資者不享受鑄造優惠,A投資者無算力獎勵。待A投資者鑄造創世NFT(72小時內),B投資者獲得鑄造創世NFT總金額2%的算力鑄造獎勵,A投資者獲得B投資者鑄造創世NFT總金額3%的算力獎勵。
  3. 投資者使用有效邀請,首次鑄造創世NFT,雙方建立算力關係不可更改。
  4. 投資者未使用有效邀請,直接鑄造創世NFT,無法享受鑄造優惠。
  5. 本活動最終解釋權歸本站所有。


Introduction to the Global Launch of Safff Genesis NFT

  1. The total quantity for the first global launch of Safff Genesis NFT is 360, and the launch period will start from March 30th, 2023 09:00 (UTC) to April 20th, 2023 09:00 (UTC).
  2. Safff Genesis NFT is the first global DID identity and revenue proof for Safff's ecosystem.
  3. Each Safff Genesis NFT corresponds to a specific number of tokens, which will be released linearly starting from Q3 of 2023, with a release period of 36 months. The total amount of token issued is 1 billion.
  4. Please check the table below for more information on the launch of Safff Genesis NFT.
  5. Genesis NFT Unit Price (USDT) Quantity SAF Token Release Period (Month)
    King 100,000 10 1,400,000 36
    Ambassador 30,000 50 375,000 36
    Angel 10,000 300 100,000 36
  6. Safff is launching its genesis NFT globally, and only rational investors who are knowledgeable and comply with Safff's ecosystem regulations are eligible to participate.
  7. Investing always comes with risk, and by participating in Safff's genesis NFT launch event, Safff DAO will confirm that you fully understand and accept the terms automatically.

Explanation of the Safff genesis NFT global launch and minting process

  1. If Investor A holds the Genesis NFT and shares the invitation link with Investor B, and Investor B mints the Genesis NFT, Investor B will get a 2% mining discount, and Investor A will instantly receive a 3% computing power reward of the Genesis NFT minted by Investor B.
  2. If Investor A does not hold the Genesis NFT and shares the invitation link with Investor B, and Investor B mints the Genesis NFT, Investor B will not get a mining discount, and Investor A will not receive a computing power reward as well. However, once Investor A mints the Genesis NFT (within 72 hours), Investor B will receive a 2% computing power mining reward of the total amount of Genesis NFTs minted and Investor A will receive a 3% computing power reward of the Genesis NFTs minted by Investor B.
  3. When investors use valid invitation links to mint the Genesis NFT for the first time, the two parties establish an unchangeable invitation relationship of computing power.
  4. If investors mint the Genesis NFT directly without using valid invitation links, they will not get the mining discount.
  5. The final interpretation of this event belongs to this site.

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